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Who is an IT Analyst?

Today we will tell you about such an interesting profession as the Analyst, we will talk about prospects of this specialty and salary levels of such experts.

Every company faces communications issues, but all of them solve these problems differently. Especially if quick solution is necessary in IT, which is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in business.

The customer cannot always clearly explain his ideas to developers and vice versa, whereas issues demand the fastest decision.

Business and Systems analysts come to help the staff of the companies.

Such experts are in high demand both by IT companies and banks.

They have different roles – business analysts, systems analysts, architects.

Many companies are ready to attract analysts by all means. Almost all companies are ready to talk to analysts individually, as the IT market grows every year and experts who can be a link between customers and developers are strategically important.

Motivation is created not only at the level of salary. There are constantly new packages of services and privileges for employees created for the purpose of attracting the best of the best.

Change of work for the majority of analysts is related to their project activities. Each project for such an expert is not only a line in the CV, but also a good experience, which is appreciated in the labor market.

Speed of project implementation depends on analysts. They combine several qualities:

Qualities of the broad specialist, ready to look for solutions of uncommon, multidimensional tasks, the specialist in the rules description of the activity organization (business analyst, methodologist), the technical specialist of the high qualification, capable to set a task for project and production teams. It is interesting to work with such specialists; they can bring the unique experience to a new team. Directors understand it and lead an active search for such candidates.

In the conditions of fierce competition when the goal is to be the first, to present a new unique product, to differ from others and to develop various fields of activity, goes fight for each analyst.

Entering the recruitment market, analysts are mainly motivated by offered projects.

At the moment our partners, major companies and banks, are mostly interested in skilled analysts from similar IT organizations, integrators, developers of applications, banks. Companies actively search employees who already participated in team work on large-scale projects.

Of particular value are experts who are engaged in projects with global value – projects in bank retail, financial and stock markets, mobile applications, development and launching of new, competitive products and systems.

However, large organizations do not forget young specialists. There were cases when a young jobseeker with little experience demonstrated proactive approach and desire to grow in this sphere and got the desired position.

Salary for such experts, business/systems analysts, with experience of 2-3 years is possible in the range of 80-120 thousand rubles after income tax deduction.

Project managers and business architects are estimated at 150-200 thousand rubles after income tax deduction.

Companies offer new goals for employees, are always interested in development of personnel, additional training, it is also important to note that our partners have large international projects and there is always a potential opportunity to work globally.

In our modern, quickly changing world there is a constant demand for experts who will be a link between desirable and possible, between customers and applicants. Such are the analysts, who are always appreciated and respected everywhere. They can grow towards project management, their experience and practice remain unique in most situations. That is why our recruitment agency leads special monitoring of the market and selects experts from all over Russia.

Author: consultant Stanislav Yurkov

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