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RNG work with candidates

If you come to us, you can receive work offer that you will not find from other sources, because many companies when looking for personnel fully rely on specialists of professional recruiting companies who know perfectly well the labor market and have technologies of recruitment.

The first step is CV preparation.

Consultants of our company will look at your CV.

If we have a vacancy that suits you, our consultants will contact you and invite to an interview.

If you address a professional recruitment agency, services in selection of employees are paid by the employer, not by candidate.

As a rule, if your experience conforms to the requirements of the customer, the consultant prepares presentation and sends your CV to the client, and then organizes a meeting of the representative of the client with you.

If the vacancy is still open, this stage usually takes from one day to one week.

Do not worry if there was no call from recruitment agency. If you were adequate and showed your best at the first interview, the consultant will surely keep you in mind until the more suitable vacancy.

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