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How to succeed at the interview

Personal interview, especially the first one, is, probably, the most important part of employment process.

We can give you some tips on how to make the right impression of yourself and to stand out against all other candidates.

The most frequent mistake of candidates is the common belief that only the interview with the company head is important. However, interviews with HR manager or staff of other departments are often as important.

So, prepare for the interview! Any conversation has to have several scenarios, and you have to be ready for them.

Study information on the company. The interviewer can always ask, ‘Why do you want to work for us?’ You will make a good impression if you show that you are well-informed and interested in working for this company.
It is better to support any statement with reasoning and examples.
First of all, decide for yourself what exactly you want. Be able to state it clearly and logically.
Know your strengths and weaknesses.
Prepare questions that you would like to ask.

The things to remember during interview:

Choose clothes corresponding to the situation, and always come several minutes earlier. Be on the safe side and dress up.
As a rule, active and energetic people make a good impression.
Smile, it always helps to establish contact with the interviewer.
Speak well about your former employers.
Give straight and honest answers. A skilled interviewer will always know a lie.
Be honest and realistic about your professional knowledge.

Make you successful
-our job!

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