We have a new website!

Hurray, the new version of our website is launched!!!
At the same time we would like to apologize for temporary inconveniences with shutdown of some functions.
Everything will be working again in less than a week!

We are starting work on a new project on IT vacancies in Ufa.

For the list of vacancies go to our IT Department — RNG FI at the website (from Analyst to Project director).

Who is an IT Analyst?

Today we will tell you about such an interesting profession as the Analyst, we will talk about prospects of this specialty and salary levels of such experts.
Every company faces communications issues, but all of them solve these problems differently. Especially if quick solution is necessary in IT, which is …

Projects managers in project management office 003

Today large businesses, such as banks or insurance companies, more and more often create project management offices (PMO) that allow to define and develop the standards of business processes in management of projects.
Why is creation of PMO becoming more and more relevant?
It is an open secret that companies, …

Our schedule on Friday, 26.07

Hi, everybody! this Friday, 26.07.2013, our office is closed due to staff party! The report is sure to follow.

Brief report on our staff party Ура!! Мы победили!

As promised — here is our report of our staff party celebrated on 26.07.2013.
In brief: it was fun!
Together we successfully coped with all tasks set by the animators. They were difficult sometimes, requiring fast thinking, but always dynamic!
It was very dynamic. See for yourselves!

IT in banking sector — the competition increases?! 12

Banks have always been a specific sphere for the candidates with no direct connection with financial and credit activities. Relatively high salaries and excellent social packages are combined with the highest requirements to professionalism of employees, discipline and confidentiality observance.
The IT department is the heart of any …


Многие думают, что работа руководителя — это рутина, однообразная погонялка ленивых сотрудников, которые сами делать ничего не хотят. Ничего подобного. Работа качественного руководителя — это вдохновенный театр одного актера, который творит искусство любви к людям и делу. И создает команду, которая позже делает это уже за него. Лучший руководитель — тот, кто уже не работает сам, потому что все …

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