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Outplacement is a set of activities allowing dismissed (downsized) employees to find new job, and to the employer to carry out layoffs carefully and without serious consequences for the employee. We help the person to find the way around at the labor market, to estimate the opportunities, to find a suitable place of work: we carry out a complex assessment of the employee, psychological preparation for search of a new job, and we develop employment recommendations. Moreover, we inform potential employers about the candidate, representing him and organizing interviews.

Thus, our programs differ according to volume and duration, depending on the level of the jobseeker. Nominally, they can be divided into four stages.

Stage 1 – a complex assessment of professional experience of the expert, his compliance to labor market requirements, and level of aspirations.

Stage 2 – preparation of an effective CV and training in self-presentation.

Stage 3 – active promotion of the candidate.

And, at last, training in methods of overcoming the stress.

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