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HR consulting

Seeking to fully satisfy the needs of our customers, we constantly expand the range of our services. Today we offer:

* Functional analysis of business processes and optimization of the number of employees. Help in formation of the program of redundancies;
* Management of personnel number;
* Personnel audit;
* Conducting personnel office-work;
* Organizational consulting;
* Planning of efficient personnel policy: preparation for the customers of various documents regulating activities of the company, its separate divisions and the personnel;
* Optimization of HR management technology;
* Assessment of personnel potential;
* Development of the system of training;
* Optimization of the system of personnel motivation;
* Audit of office-work and local regulations;
* Legal services in labor relations;
* Assessment of social and psychological climate, identification of the informal relations.

Our work principles:

* We can grasp quickly the essence of a client’s request, get into the organizational system of the company, master the specifics of the industry sector, at the same time, we keep a neutral position, objectivity and a fresh look to the task at hand;

* We introduce something new and valuable to the known standards and technologies every time, but we don’t ‘experiment’ with the client. We can reproduce the same result with the desired quality. When the project starts we always carry out revision of our decisions and recommendations — we exercise ‘designer supervision’;

* Protecting our client’s privacy, we, at the same time, work for the general growth of the market. We reproduce in other organizations our successes achieved in separately taken companies;

* We are “project people”. We always finish what we begin and we adhere to deadlines. Results and strict deadlines are basic conditions of our work;

* We work without disruption to the environment at the company of the client. We look at business through the prism of human psychology: we build communications and set up feedback.

Cost of works:

Payment will be coordinated with you after reception of the assignment and depends on volume, complexity and geography of project. For many consulting projects the price of services can be set up only after preliminary negotiations with the client to establish the scope of service. It will be taken into account at compilation of the program and the offer to be submitted for your approval. Stages of work and payment procedure are fixed in the contract and remain invariable for the entire period of work. There are discounts for regular customers.

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