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Our company specializes in recruitment. We understand all the responsibility that lies on us, after all, when a company employs someone, its future results as a whole depend on his or her work.

Therefore we do everything possible to make the process of search and selection happen with observance of the highest level of quality.

Any client, an old partner or a new one, to whom we provide our services, can be sure that we treat the process of search and selection of candidates with full responsibility.

Main stages of our work:

Discussion of search criteria together with the Client;

Planning of the most efficient search technology;

Finding up-to-date information on potential candidates quickly;

Checking ethically all information received from potential candidates;

Submitting received information to the Client;

Assisting in negotiation process between the potential candidate and the Client;

Our work does not end at the contact with the client, after all, we bear responsibility for the successful candidate, therefore we keep in touch and also receive feedback from the client. We also help with adaptation process.

Level of personnel we select:

Top management, and also: heads of the directions, divisions, departments;

Experts in business development, new products promotion, development of new directions;

Experts in management of construction of industrial and commercial real estate;


Professionals of rare specialties and qualifications.

Make you successful
-our job!

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