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Projects managers in project management office

003Today large businesses, such as banks or insurance companies, more and more often create project management offices (PMO) that allow to define and develop the standards of business processes in management of projects.

Why is creation of PMO becoming more and more relevant?

It is an open secret that companies, as a rule, do not just launch a few projects at the same time, but most often 10, 20, 100, or 200, depending on company scale. In such case it becomes extremely difficult to operate so many projects, especially if they are also differently oriented. The problem of efficient distribution of human resources arises. PMO is designed to solve such problems. The formula of success is quite simple: main objective of PMO is improvement of quality of project implementation and planning by structuring and allocation of business processes.

Today in the global market there is a particular interest in specialists who will be engaged in methods of maintaining projects, development, introduction, methodology development, management of project portfolios, all resources, and also management of communications between projects and all divisions of the company. Demand for such experts is especially high, and many employers are ready to fight for them, making compensation level grow respectively. RNG & Associates always has about 5 vacancies of this sort from various major companies. The demand demonstrates stable growth, along with growth of remuneration levels.

On the average, salary for a manager with experience of managing similar projects of more than 5 years starts from 150,000 rubles. Monthly salaries of heads of PMO reach 500,000 rubles, including bonuses.

As a rule, such positions require very skilled people, with successful experience with large integration projects, having grown into IT from project managers, systems analysts, etc.

                                                           Author: RNG & Associates consultant Victoria Basenko

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