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Brief report on our staff party

As promised — here is our report of our staff party celebrated on 26.07.2013.

In brief: it was fun!
Together we successfully coped with all tasks set by the animators. They were difficult sometimes, requiring fast thinking, but always dynamic!
It was very dynamic. See for yourselves!

Ура!! Мы победили!

Hurrah!! We won!

В поиске кандидатов - нам не страшны любые высоты!

In search of candidates we are not afraid of any heights!

Всегда готовы помочь.

We are always ready to help.

Меткость - важное качество рекрутера!

Accuracy is an important quality for a recruiter!

Секретный лагерь подготовки российских рекрутеров.

Secret camp of preparation of the Russian recruiters.

Через тернии к... кандидатам!

Through thorns to … candidates!

Наш экипаж машины боевой!

Our team of the combat vehicle!

Make you successful
-our job!

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