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Agreement on rendering services in assistance in employment

Limited liability company RNG, hereinafter referred to as <executor>, represented by General director M. E. Ryamov, acting on the basis of the Charter, provides to any individual, hereinafter referred to as <candidate>, services in assistance in employment by means of collecting and providing information on the Candidate to the third parties — to potential Employers (hereinafter referred to as Employers)

Registration and filling out the questionnaire on the website represents unconditional acceptance of provisions of the present offer.


1 . Terms and definitions.

1.1 . The Website — contents of the Internet pages located in the Internet at http://www.rng-services.ru.

1.2 . The Candidate – the user of the Website who has uploaded his or her CV to the Database of the Executor (hereinafter referred to as DB) for the purpose of job search.

1.3 . The Database (DB) — set of the CVs of Candidates located in the Internet at http://www.rng-services.ru.

1.4 . CV/questionnaire — document containing personal information of the Candidate, including such information as surname and name, e-mail address, education, description of previous places of work, and other data relating to job search which the Candidate indicates at his/her discretion.

2 . Subject matter of the Agreement.

The executor undertakes to provide opportunity to the Candidate to upload the CV to the Website.

The Candidate agrees to provide personal information in the form of the CV/questionnaire, necessary for effective employment.

The purpose of the requirement of personal information of the Candidate is employment.

Period of placement of personal information is limited by the period of selection of vacancies suitable for the Candidate in the companies of Employers.

3 . Responsibilities of the Executor.

Under the present agreement the Executor undertakes:
To use personal information of the Candidate exclusively for the purpose of possible employment of the Candidate.
To process and transfer to Employers the following personal information, including, but not limited to:

- surname, name, patronymic;
- year, month, day of birth and birth place;
- registration address;
- relationship status;
- property status;
- education;
- qualifications and skills;
- profession;
- information on previous places of work;
- functions;
- expected level of the income;
- recommendation providers;
- hobbies;
- personal characteristics.

4 . The candidate undertakes not to make the following actions:

4.1 . In no way, by means of the Website, to post information in violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4.2 . To post and/or transfer, by means of the Website, information that can harm other visitors of the Website, violate their rights and lawful interests.

4.3 . To present oneself under false name or using a name of another person, to mislead the Executor concerning one’s identification in any other way.

4.4 . To knowingly post unreliable information.

4.5 . To register using someone else’s email address, or the address to which the Candidate has no right of use in this way.

5 . Protected sections of the Website and passwords.

Access to information in protected sections of the Website is allowed only to the registered users who have received password for entering protected sections of the Website. The password cannot be transferred to other persons, and the Candidate bears full responsibility for all damage caused to him/her, to the Executor or the third parties, arising from intended or unintentional transfer by the Candidate of the password to another person. The candidate bears responsibility for preservation of confidentiality of the password and any use of the Website by means of its password.

6 . Information on the candidate.

The Executor takes all possible efforts to avoid unauthorized use of personal information of Candidates.

However the Executor bears no responsibility for possible inappropriate use of personal information of the users, occurring due to:

technical malfunctions in the software, servers or computer networks, being out of control of the Executor;

interruptions in work of the Website, connected with intended or unintentional inappropriate use of the Website by the third parties;

transfer of passwords or information from the Website by users to other persons that are not registered users of the Website or other users that have no access to this information owing to terms of registration and signed contracts with the Executor.

The Executor bears no responsibility for possible inappropriate use of information from the Website by registered users or other persons and/or organizations that happened without notice to the Executor in violation (or without) of the information security of the Website.

7 . Use of materials of the Website.

The Website is only a means of information transfer and bears no responsibility for its reliability and relevance.

The Executor provides no guarantees that the software, servers and computer networks used by the Website are free from errors and computer viruses. If use of the Website caused loss of data or equipment damage, the Executor bears no responsibility for it.

General director of LLC RNG

       M. E. Ryamov

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