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Here we would like to summarize all the information on our recruitment agency that appears at this website both for the jobseeker and for the employer.

For many years now the RNG & Associates recruitment agency has been successfully operating in the job market of Moscow and several regions of Russia, efficiently dealing with the most difficult and interesting vacancies.

In the modern world of information it is often very hard to find the right partner, a responsible executive or an up-to-date vacancy. That is why we have created this website to help the client in finding the personnel and the employee in locating interesting vacancies with fair wage.

We are striving to provide the partners of RNG & Associates with a convenient tool for fast and high-quality search of employees , thus this website has concisely and conveniently presented information on the most current vacancies, CV tips, recent trends of the personnel market , salary levels, reviews, help on legal complexities of registration of foreign workers and work permits, as well as HR consulting and other useful information.

Recently the situation in the personnel market has changed significantly. Russia is experiencing the demographic drop of the 1990s stronger than ever, with severe shortage of qualified personnel for hi-tech production and other spheres where the highly-skilled personnel are required.

For the majority of the companies 2015 was the year of calm systematic sorting out of the ranks, analysis of the situation, after all, the last 3-5 years have been the period of a very active growth when there was no time to think and estimate the needs of this or that new division or department, people were recruited in dozens for projects which were not always profitable and successful, HR costs were immense. Now the situation has changed and nobody pays wasteful extra compensations and fees anymore.

Meanwhile, business does not stand still, new directions of capital flows and new opportunities appear, and demand for competent experts and unique professionals remains high.

At the same time, requirements to candidates rise, employers are reluctant to spend money on training, ‘nurture’, often preferring to find highly skilled workers and to put them straight into action.

Thus, the role of recruitment agencies increases, and requirements to the quality of their work grow accordingly. During the recent years many recruitment agencies have ‘relaxed’, showering their clients with numerous CVs without troubling themselves with consecutive search and selection of quality candidates. Today such agencies shrink down or disappear altogether. In recruitment it is very important to provide constant level of quality. Clients of RNG & Associates know that they will receive high-quality service – always and on permanent basis.

We did our best to make our website as convenient as possible.

The employer can send us his requirements and our Partner will get in touch at once to specify the enquiry.

We also have a very convenient vacancy search for the jobseekerdatabase of vacancies of the RNG & Associates recruitment agency is updated daily. Each vacancy has a personal manager, with a contact information and e-mail, so that you can always contact the person who manages this vacancy.

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